Physical Education During COVID

It may be tempting at the moment to steer away from Physical Education, Physical Activity, and Sport due to the potential challenges.


Please do continue to promote the health and wellbeing agenda; perhaps more important now than ever for social, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. See below links for current advice from the two leading organisations.

We will provide further applied examples and solutions in the coming weeks and months. Please do contact us if you require any further support.

Networking Session

Thursday 24th September, 16:00 - 17:30

We will hold a live networking session online for PE coordinators to come together and discuss ideas, challenges, and solutions, as well as providing updates. We're also looking to shape this years professional development calendar, so please do let us know what topics and content you would like to see. 

One to One Catch Ups

We hope that you may be able to find some time in the first month of term for a catch up to discuss how we can best support you this year, please email and suggest good times for a meeting; in school, phone, teams, zoom, other, your call. 

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We appreciate that with advice and guidance changing on a regular basis, and with many options for interpretation; there will be a whole variety of approaches taken by senior leaders and school staff. We hope that by gaining some feedback as to the current landscape in each school, we may be able to tailor support based on individual circumstances, as well as connecting schools with similar approaches. We will leave the link open for you to update if things change, or if you don't have time to complete immediately. 

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Article on importance of play for wellbeing

Activity levels during COVID & Wellbeing

Physical activity in schools - Government Advice

Schools have the flexibility to decide how physical education, sport and physical activity will be provided whilst following the measures in their system of controls.

Sports whose national governing bodies have developed guidance under the principles of the government’s guidance on team sport and been approved by the government are permitted. Schools must only provide team sports on the list available at return to recreational team sport framework.

Pupils should be kept in consistent groups, sports equipment thoroughly cleaned between each use by different individual groups, and contact sports avoided.

Outdoor sports should be prioritised where possible, and large indoor spaces used where it is not, maximising natural ventilation flows (through opening windows and doors or using air conditioning systems wherever possible) distancing between pupils and paying scrupulous attention to cleaning and hygiene. This is particularly important in a sports setting because of the way in which people breathe during exercise. External facilities can also be used in line with government guidance for the use of, and travel to and from, those facilities.

Schools should refer to the following guidance:


Schools are able to work with external coaches, clubs and organisations for curricular and extra-curricular activities where they are satisfied that it is safe to do so. Schools should consider carefully how such arrangements can operate within their wider protective measures.

Activities such as active miles, making break times and lessons active and encouraging active travel help to enable pupils to be physically active while encouraging physical distancing.

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