Broxtowe Active Schools is a non-profit group which aims to get more children active within Broxtowe. Our vision is to inspire young people and their families to embrace the challenges of tomorrow. We believe that through sport and physical activity we can support young people to become:

  1. Physically active – understanding of the associated benefits to emotional and physical wellbeing

  2. Strong and resilient – capable of adapting and thriving when challenged

  3. Skilful – equipped to succeed in life, education and employment

  4. Ambitious – hard-working, open minded and inquisitive

  5. Networkers – able to form effective relationships and operate as part of a team

Active kids - why does it matter?

Active children do better in every possible way. Physical activity can increase attendance rates and levels of concentration, helping them perform and behave better. 


Every jump, kick, sprint and throw increases a child’s chances of success as active kids have improved chances for better physical, financial, emotional and social outcomes in the future.

When children do better, schools and communities do better.

What's happened so far?

Amazing things have happened since Broxtowe Active Schools was formed in 2005.


More than forty primary and secondary schools have signed up, and thousands of children aged between four and 18 are feeling the emotional and physical benefits of getting more active, more often.

Our team

Our Physical Activity Activators work with schools across Broxtowe to provide a fun range of opportunities for more young people to get active, develop new skills and build confidence.